Buy 1 gram Cocaine in US with Bitcoin

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Buy 1 gram Cocaine in US with Bitcoin

Also called:

Blow C,Chang, Charlie, Ching, Coke, Crack, Flake, Freebase, Pebbles, Percy, Rocks, Sniff Snow, Stones, Toot Wash, White

What does it look like?
There are three types of cocaine: coke, crack and freebase.

  • Coke looks like a fine white powder.
  • Crack looks like small lumps or rocks.
  • Freebase looks like a crystallised powder.

What does it taste/smell like?
Cocaine powder has a bitter ‘chemical’ taste and smell, while crack cocaine can smell like burnt plastic or rubber.

Buy 1 gram Cocaine in US with Bitcoin


Cocaine is a stimulant drug used in a variety of ways. No matter how you take it, cocaine can trigger addiction with repeated use. Still, the way in which you take cocaine may have important consequences. Those consequences include your level of motivation to abuse the drug. They also include the rate at which you become addicted. In addition, how you take cocaine may have a significant impact on the severity of your addiction. What’s more, each method of cocaine use can harm your health in specific ways.


How Is Cocaine Used?

Snorting Cocaine
In its main form, cocaine is fine, powdery substance. This powder can be inhaled through your nose in an act commonly known as snorting. Cocaine taken this way gets absorbed by your nasal tissues and pulled into your bloodstream. Once there, it travels to your brain.

Injecting Cocaine
It’s possible to mix powdered cocaine with water. This results in an injectable cocaine solution. Some people inject the drug into muscle tissue. Others inject it directly into a vein. Cocaine injected into a vein has a straight pathway to your brain. If you inject the drug into a muscle, it will also make its way to your bloodstream and brain.

Using Cocaine Orally
Some people use cocaine orally by rubbing the drug into their gum tissue. This tissue is covered with other tissues called mucous membranes. The cocaine on your gums gets absorbed by those membranes. From there, it enters your bloodstream and gets transported to your brain.

Smoking Cocaine
Powdered cocaine can be processed and turned into a hardened, rock-like substance. This substance, known as “crack” cocaine, can then be heated in a pipe. This turns crack into an inhalable vapor.

That vapor travels to your lungs and enters your bloodstream. Once there, it rapidly reaches your brain. Crack is also known as freebase, and smoking the drug is also known as freebasing.


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